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He left a successful career to scale mountains and he's never been happier

Высочайшая вершина мира — Ключ программы "7 Вершин". Гиды и шерпы — многократные восходители на Эверест! Эверест (8848 м или 8844 м) – высочайшая вершина части света Азия, ... читать больше »
30 Января, 21:29: Malaysian Tillai Muthu Nagarajan found his recipe for happiness. At the age of 50, he decided to leave the office and begin to lead a sporting lifestyle. Running, swimming, kayaking, climbing mountains. The Seven Summits program became his motivation, became his goal for the coming years. Now Rajan has climbed six of the seven highest peaks from the program. He climbed two of them with the 7 Summit Club groups. This is Denali and Vinson. Ahead is Everest, which the Malaysian will also climb with our team under the leadership of Alexander Abramov. Read article ДАЛЕЕ »

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