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14 Января 2015, 17:01

Мы связались с руководителями американской фирмы - организаторами восхождения в Антарктиде, в котором принимают участие депутаты госдумы Сидякин и Савченко. С ними все в порядке. Ошибочная информация появилась, вероятно, по причине того, что не всем известно, что в Антарктиде не работают Мобильные телефоны. Именно поэтому, и нет возможности дозвониться до депутатов.

Ниже выдержка из письма наших американских партнеров.

Good day,

We have seen reports in the Russian press of a loss of contact with Russian legislators who are climbing in Antarctica. I'd like to let you know that these reports are incorrect. You are recorded in our system as the main contacts for Oleg Savchenko and Alexey Bulavin.

The entire group, SAVCHENKO, SIDYAKIN, are safe, comfortable and healthy. They and their guide are on the route on Mount Vinson. They are in regular and frequent communication with our Base Camp at the bottom of the mountain. In the latest report they had climbed from Low Camp to High Camp.

From High Camp they will make an attempt to climb to the summit when their guide feels the weather and conditions are suitable.

I would like to assure you that we consider safety in all our operations as a top priority. We have tried and tested systems that we will use if we have a loss of communications with any group on Mt Vinson. And for that reason, we have Mt Vinson ranger guides, whose main role is to support any groups that may need assistance.

I hope that the reports in the press have not caused you any alarm and I would be grateful if you could let your colleagues know that all is well!!!